The usual construction timeframe is generally 16 to 31 weeks and this will be specified in your building contract, along with your Payment Schedule.

Importantly, DPN negotiates fixed-period building guarantees to protect you from lengthy delays, wherein the builder will pay you compensation if they overrun the building guarantee period. 

Note: A Rainy Day Form is submitted when work is stopped due to inclement weather.

Here is your construction timeframe schedule:

Building stages

Deposit | weeks 9 - 16
After Council approval and deposit payment, Builder starts pre-site work

Slab | weeks 1 - 4
Land prepared and base/slab laid

Frame | weeks 5 – 8
Structure established

Enclosed | weeks 9 - 12
Plumbing, electricals and set entry points

Fixing | weeks 13 - 16
Painting, internal fixtures and cabinetary

Completion | weeks 17 – 20
Removal of building materials, cleaning, landscaping and minor fixing

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