Kayleen has been on staff at DPN for 6 years. Her role involves the administration and management of all the office operations at the DPN building. She enthusiastically managed the initial set up of the two offices at DPN. Her other responsibilities involve making decisions and taking actions regarding Human Resource Department matters and overseeing the accounting within the Finance Department. Keeping offices running smoothly, requires Kayleen to ensure that information technology is current and reliable and that all systems are co-ordinated and accessible for all team members. Due to her wide range of skills and abilities, she assists the Managing Director of DPN.  Customers can appreciate Kayleen’s consistent, professional practices. 

Kayleen is well qualified in her position at DPN with over 20 years of experience in office administration. She has formal qualifications in Bookkeeping and Secretarial Business Studies.

An interest in healthy cooking and alternative medicine combined with her love of family, provides Kayleen with a relaxing outlet from the business world. She loves to promote a good, healthy lifestyle to her family and friends. When she’s not in the kitchen or reading a good book, you may find her at the movies!

Operations Leader