Affiliate Program

Earn rewards for your business

DPN’s Affiliate Program helps your clients establish a property portfolio, complementing your existing business by generating new income streams and providing further client retention.

How it works


  • Your client wants to invest in property

  • Refer your client to DPN

  • Simply fill out our online form

  • Your client proceeds with a DPN service

  • DPN rewards you for your referral

Benefits to your clients & business

  • Deal with a well-established and fully licensed company
  • Free Property Investment Plans - personalised for each client
  • Clear modelling, allowing informed decisions based on research, not marketing
  • End-to-end Property Portfolio Establishment, DPN does it all
  • Property sourcing, finance, contract exchanges, settlements, handover inspections, property management, depreciation schedules and after-sales care, ensuring the experience is seamless for your clients
  • Clear Client Ownership – DPN guarantees your absolute client ownership
  • Generate New Income Streams & provide further client lock-in

Our Services generate income for your firm:

  • Property Consultancy
  • Finance Broking

Rewarding options

Client Rebate

Choose to provide your clients with rebates on property purchased through DPN, working on a 'Fee-for-Service' model.

Affiliate Advertising Fee

DPN pays your firm an advertising fee for each property purchased by your clients.

Charity Contribution

Contribute your fees to the worthy charities DPN supports. See our giving back page.


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