Casa Capace

Casa (ca·sa): house, home. Capace (ca·pà·ce): to be able, having the ability to achieve.

Making a positive impact

Enabling thousands of Australians requiring specialist accommodation to live in architecturally designed homes.


A home for everybody

We're bringing a new concept in home design, enabling quality living for Australians with disabilities. A Casa Capace home is beautifully designed with practical features to help people with specialist accommodation needs to live they life they wantTM.

Casa Capace has been developed specifically to cater for Australians requiring Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA). Our experience and expertise enables a more attractive home, with greater flexibility and value for participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

It's our mission to challenge the unmet demand for SDA housing to positively influence the lives of thousands of NDIS participants, their families, friends and those who care for them.

Platinum standard

Designed by renowned Architect, Aaron Stevens, and in collaboration with NGOs and government entities, these homes exceed the requirements of the NDIS and are built to a Platinum standard.

Our proven capabilities include:

  • Construction design (architectural)
  • Construction and mortgage financing
  • Site selection and sourcing
  • Construction contract administration
  • Supplier relationship development, vetting and management
  • Property management
  • Asset maintenance

“Partnering with industry leaders, Casa Capace will set a new benchmark in housing design, providing innovative and highly desirable homes for NDIS participants.”

Sam Khalil
Managing Director


Changing the landscape, for good


    A scalable business model to effectively and efficiently produce a high volume of specialist housing, aligned to NDIS demand forecasting.


    Leveraging our 20 years' experience within the DPN Group to identify, source, build and managage quality residential investment properties.


    We bring an existing supply chain of 13 builder partners with capacity to deliver more than 7,000 properties per year in a cost effective manner.


    We work with an extensive network of specialist consultants such as Architects, Access Consultants, Town Planners and Certifiers.


    Adaptable homes to suit a participant's changing needs. The infrastructure has been designed with flexibility in mind.


An experienced team

Casa Capace is a stand alone, social impact business, incubated within the DPN Group, sharing the same values and leveraging DPN’s core capabilities to provide quality housing for Australians with disabilities.

Our team brings extensive experience and expertise in both residential property development and the specialist accommodation industry, backed by proven commercial acumen and corporate governance.

  • Sam khalil
    Managing Director, DPN Group

    Strategic vision and management of the operating committee.

  • Ian Maynard
    Non Executive Director, Chairperson

    Enabling strategic execution, governance, stakeholder management and reporting.

  • Michael Fuller
    Director, Project Development

    Operational framework, compliance and administration.

  • Danielle
    Operations, Resource & Strategy

    Responsible across organisational management, people and culture.


  • Lloyd Thomas
    DPN Director, Business & Product Development

    Driving commercial relationships and strategic partner alliances.

  • Barney Oros
    Non Executive Director, Development

    Overseeing construction and supply chain solutions.

  • Aaron Stevens
    Non Executive Director, Architecture & Design

    Responsible for home designs and engineering.

  • Cassie Nancarrow
    DPN Property Management Leader

    Complete asset and tenancy management.