DPN will provide you with comprehensive loan information including disclosure statements, fees, privacy policies, Lenders Mortgage Insurance, credit guide and the loan application.

We will liaise with the lender on your behalf to obtain a pre-approval. Each lender has different loan approval timeframes; however, a general guide is two to four weeks.

We'll also share a handy borrower's checklist, setting out the identification the lender requires to accompany your loan application, and we'll also need supporting information about your employment, income and savings history.

Note: It’s important we get all the necessary documents to prevent delays.

To start a loan application, we'll need your deposit savings information plus the details of the property you plan to purchase. 

Borrower's checklist

100 point identification

  • Primary ID (70 points): Birth Certificate, Passport, Citizenship Certificate
  • Secondary ID (40 points): Drivers Licence or other photo ID card
  • Other ID (25 points): Medicare card, rates notice, utilities statement, credit card

Other certficates

  • Marriage certificate
  • Change of name certificate

Proof of Employment

A letter from your employer stating your salary or wage and commencement date and/or recent payslips and group certificate.

Evidence of a deposit

A minimum of 6 months savings bank statement, a term deposit certificate or shares / funds from equity products.

Property Contract

A copy of the property purchase contract


If you are building a new property, we will also require:

Builders contract

Copy of builders contract and schedule of payments (signed and dated)

Plans and specIfications

Copy of plans and specifications

Builder indemnity / public indemnity

Builders Insurance

Certificate of Currency

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