When you purchase an investment property, there are more things to consider than purchase price alone.

At DPN, our proven property selection criteria can help you to build a strong performing portfolio. Our methodology has been tested and refined over DPN's 20 years in business.

Using five selection criteria, we consistently present clients with the most viable property investment options - ones with strong capital growth and a reliable rental return.


Major city

Major cities are a smart investment because of some key characteristics: stable population growth, accessibility to employment, amenities and transport.


Growth suburb

We identify suburbs in major cities with forecast growth over 4% per annum.



Median priced property makes good sense for investors. An affordable rental property has broad market appeal to tenants and when it comes time to sell, you’ll have a price point attractive to buyers too.



Land appreciates, while buildings depreciate. Historical housing data shows house values increase at a faster rate than units which is why we usually recommend investing in property with a land component wherever possible.



Enjoy tax benefits on new properties. A new home has many advantages over purchasing an old house: higher depreciation claims, higher rent and lower maintenance costs. A new house & land package can save around 60% on stamp duty because it is paid on the land component only.

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