Why invest in the Wyndham region

Wyndham is one of Melbourne's most affordable areas, but not for long. People are flocking to the western growth corridor where there's new infrastructure and improved transport.


Wyndham is on the radar of saavy investors

Wyndham is the new growth area of Melbourne, 30 km west of the city. Suburbs in that area include Werribee, Hoppers Crossing, Laverton, Point Cook, Tarneit and Wyndham Vale. The area sits between Melbourne and the regional city of Geelong. 30 years ago, if you lived in the Wyndham area, particularly Tarneit and Werribee, you would have been said to be living in the country. Population growth, and the area’s proximity to both Melbourne and Geelong have made this city a very desirable place to live. Travelling to either city is fast on freeways - shop in the big city or travel a few kilometres past Geelong to enjoy some of the best beaches in Australia: Ocean Grove, Torquay and Lorne, to name a few.

Population growth and the area’s proximity to Melbourne and Geelong have made this city a very desirable place to live.

Nobbys Lighthouse, Newcastle
Nobbys Lighthouse on Nobbys Head, Newcastle

Pictured on left is the proposed Australian Education City and on right, the Great Ocean Road is just a short drive from Wyndham.


Wyndham's growth projections border on amazing

The population explosion has been brought about by natural growth, as well as the fact that house and land packages in the area are about half that of the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. For example, 30 km east of Melbourne, Ringwood’s median house price is $895,500. Go the same distance west to Werribee and the median house price is just $420,000. Growth stats for Wyndham border on the amazing with an expected population of 360,000 by 2031. That’s three times the size of Ballarat. It is estimated that there are 250 people taking up residence in the city every week. That includes 87 babies born as well. That sort of growth presents many opportunities to start a business catering for a growing population or investing in property with almost a non-written guarantee of a rental home being occupied all year round.

In numbers

Median Age
Children per family
People per household



by 2031


New and planned investment enhances Wyndham's infrastructure

It’s not often governments move with a vision and development this quickly. Some key projects have been planned by Wyndham City Council to revamp four carparks into multistorey developments. These projects will create 600 jobs and add office space, apartments and retail outlets to Werribee CBD. Victorian Rail has substantially increased services through the area with extra trains to cater for additional passengers. Other plans are under way for the solution to the Werribee level crossing, which includes putting the rail underground. Bold move.

Plans are being made for a ferry service from the Docklands to Werribee South. A great alternative to rail, bus and car. Approval is in place for over $2 billion to be spent on infrastructure projects. On top of that, some companies see great opportunities there and have decided to relocate their operational headquarters to the area as well. That means more jobs for local residents.

Infrastructure spend approved
$2 billion

Education City to house
80,000 residents

3D render proposed Australian Education City


The Australian Education City

This bold plan by the government is to establish a learning centre that can accommodate 80,000 residents and 50,000 students and be linked to all the best universities, local and overseas. The goal is to have world-class education across several campuses.

Property prices

Increasing demand for housing in Wyndham will drive prices up

The investment opportunity in the area is excellent and is backed by serious population growth. In the foreseeable future, and based on demographic studies, demand will be greater than supply. Rent prices are attractive enough for an investor to make the most of low interest rates and get in while the opportunity is there. Housing prices in Wyndham City are tipped to rise over the next few years. They say location is important and Wyndham is beautifully situated to attract new residents and investors alike.

av. price



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