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No cost or obligation, guaranteed
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No cost or obligation, guaranteed
Privacy Policy | Disclaimer

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  • Personalised

    Our Property Research Team can hand-pick a selection of properties for you that are within your budget and align with your strategy.

  • Independent research

    Access properties at real market prices in emerging and growth suburbs backed by independent third party research.

  • Property profiles

    All DPN Properties come with a research report known as a 'Property Profile' packed with relevant data to help you make informed decisions.

  • Wide range of properties

    Access a range of property types across Australia, including the DPN CASA Dual Income and Designer Series.


Uncover growth centres

With around 8800 suburbs in Australia, identifying solid investment opportunities involves a methodical approach. This is why we developed our stringent property selection criteria which has been tested and refined over DPN's 20 years in business.

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Risk Minimisation Guarantees

Properties are backed by our guarantees


    Market Price

    Pay market price for DPN’s property with no extra fees for DPN's services


    Fixed Price

    Locked-in prices for newly built homes with all inclusions ready for rental


    Fixed build Time

    Build times are fixed ranging from 16 to 26 weeks or you’re paid compensation weekly


    Tenant Gap

    If unrented 6 weeks after handover, receive 92% of the base rental estimate from week 7


    Rental Yield

    You’re guaranteed a minimum of 92% of the base rental estimate for 2 years

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From creating a strategy, arranging finance, facilitating the purchase and construction to selecting a Property Manager, we'll save you time and alleviate stress.