Your guide to finding a great property manager

Becoming a property investor is exciting, but it comes with unique challenges and responsibilities. Appointing a professional property manager can make all the difference – but how do you select the right one?

We sat down with DPN’s Senior Property Manager, Danielle Kalme who suggests there are eleven questions every investor must ask a prospective rental property manager. We go through these and look at how Danielle would answer them.

1. How will you ensure vacancy time is minimised?

To minimise vacancy rates DPN are proactive in sourcing tenants. This means we begin looking for suitable tenants prior to lease expiration, and, in the case of new homes, prior to build completion. This strategy yields great results, as Danielle explains, she leased a property in Bundamba recently with no vacancy in between tenancies.

2. What systems do you have in place?

We have an online portal where landlords can login to see their income and expenses, so they are always informed of their financial position. DPN manages the payment of invoices for water and rates and even invoices the tenants for their portion. With this comes the benefits of record keeping; at the end of financial year we provide statements and all the details your accountant needs.

3. How will my repairs and maintenance be handled?

DPN have a comprehensive database of trusted trades people, we inspect their work and are not afraid to take them off the list if they aren’t up to standard.

4. What happens if there’s a dispute with a tenant?

In the event that an issue can’t be resolved through communication, we support our customers legally and see the dispute resolution through, going to court on the owner's behalf.

5. How often will my property be inspected?

Routine inspections occur quarterly. We strictly adhere to local regulations and carry out routine inspections that are efficient for all involved.  Being local to the area we manage also has its advantages as we are often able to keep a mindful eye on properties in between inspections whilst we are attending others in close proximity.

Naturally, ingoing and outgoing property inspections happen as required.

6. How often do you carry out rent reviews?

We review rents as per the legislation every 12 months. Rents will be reviewed prior to seeking owners instructions to renew.

7. What is your policy on managing arrears?

We aim to accommodate extraordinary situations resulting in late payments, however, have a strict arrears management procedure we follow:

1 day in arrears      

  • Reminder phone call, SMS or letter

8 days in arrears

  • Notice to remedy issued with 7 days to remedy breach

17 days in arrears

  • Notice to leave issued with 7 days to vacate
We know the legislation and process inside and out which is a big stress reliever for our landlords.

8. How will you help me meet my legal obligations as a landlord?

According to the residential tenancy agreement, all landlords must to keep their property safe for tenants which includes installing and maintaining smoke alarms. DPN takes care of this by arranging a smoke alarm test every 12 months by an expert company. In doing so we take on your responsibility and liability for tenant safety.


9. How long have you been a Property Manager?   

All our team are highly experienced, senior Property Managers. Danielle, whom we’re speaking with today has worked in Real Estate 24 years, in all aspects of property management, from business development to leasing and management. Danielle is well qualified to look after our properties in the Brisbane South region.

10. Are you my only contact?

Our clients enjoy one dedicated Property Manager to assist with all their property needs. Your DPN Property Manager can find you quality tenants, arrange maintenance or repairs, carry out routine inspections and handle the finances and reporting.

If you need more support however, there is always help available from our National Property Management Leader, backed up by DPN Group of companies.  

11. How much does your service cost?  

DPN offer a flexible, two-tier pricing structure with your choice from our ‘no surprises’ flat rate price, or a variable service fee.

How we can help

At DPN, we provide the full range of property management services for our investor clients. Our fully trained, proactive and experienced team work with our clients to maximise their property investment. We have a flexible pricing structure, guaranteed 24 hour response time, and extremely low rent arrears and property vacancy rates.

Contact us to find out how we can help you with rental property management. We would be happy to discuss your needs and goals, and to answer any questions that you have.


DPN has been established for 28 years and is comprised of a number of award-winning companies. DPN is uniquely positioned to help customers manage their investment property and support their wealth building strategies. Utilising our expertise and experience in investment finance, property and construction, we are able to support both landlords and tenants. Our team of highly experienced Property Managers work remotely in the areas they service, while being fully supported on a national level by DPN’s team at head office.

DPN can help by providing:

  • The full range of property management services.
  • A flexible pricing structure.
  • A guaranteed 24 hour response time.
  • Extremely low rent arrears.
  • Low property vacancy rates.

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