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We offer a new concept in home design, enabling quality living for Australians with disabilities. A DPN Casa Capace home is beautifully designed with practical features to help people with specialist accommodation needs to live the life they want.



Homes to enable. Innovative, beautifully designed homes for Australians with a disability.

In identifying the demand and needs of Australians with a disability, in 2017 we founded Casa Capace. Our mission was to challenge the demand for Specialist Disability Housing (SDA) housing and positively influence the lives of thousands of National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)participants, their families, friends and those who care for them. 

Casa Capace was specifically developed, leveraging our vast property experience and innovative approach to multi-living property solutions, to cater for Australians requiring SDA. Our experience and expertise enabled more attractive homes, with greater flexibility and value for residents.

We are proud to have made such an impact to this important sector. By partnering with industry leaders both locally and globally, Casa Capace has set a new benchmark in housing design, providing innovative and highly desirable homes for NDIS participants.

Group Managing Director

Casa (ca·sa): house, home. Capace (ca·pà·ce):
capacity, to be able, the ability to achieve.

Just some of our beautiful living experiences
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Like nothing before, our homes have been purposely designed with the residents in mind. They offer occupants functionality, accessibility and durability. These stylish homes lives up to rigorous quality and safety standards, providing an exceptional living space. Located in established communities, our homes bring hand-picked, curated interiors and colour palettes, fixtures and finishes with an emphasis on design, coupled with a calm, luxury feel.

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