How to use the SMART approach to setting your financial goals

Setting yourself regular financial goals is an integral part of your journey towards financial freedom. One of the best ways to ensure that you are setting your financial goals in the right way is by using the SMART criteria for goal setting.


Understanding property taxes

If you’re thinking of making the exciting step into property investment or expanding your portfolio you should know what taxes you will incur. This gives you a sound financial framework with which to operate and will help in tailoring your property investment strategy. Here we explain the main taxes you’re likely to face and things to watch out for.


When should you subdivide?

If you’re a professional and love investing then subdividing on a large property to get a double rental yield sounds very attractive. But here’s what you need to consider.


What is a property market?

There are as many property markets as there are suburbs in Australia. This means we’re looking at around 8,800 different markets. Each will, at any given time, be either rising or falling.


What to do with an inheritance

Inheritances are windfalls that not many of us are lucky enough to receive. They usually arrive unexpectedly and, like a winning lottery ticket, can seem like money falling from the sky.

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New state-of-the-art Casa Capace homes in Gobbagombalin

For the last 26 years, Deb and her husband have provided round the clock care at home for their daughter, Monique, who has a genetic condition called NEXMIF. Now she is moving into a Casa Capace home where she can flourish with the right care.


Turning 40? It’s time to talk superannuation

You've established a career, have a stable income, and if you're lucky, you've bought property which has appreciated. Your 40s is the perfect time to create a plan for a stress-free retirement.


5 ways to save money on Christmas shopping

‘Tis the season to be jolly and kickstart the festivities with Christmas shopping. If you’re not expecting Santa to deliver a financial bonus, then you’ll need to shop on a budget.