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Even before the Olympic Games announcement, Brisbane had tremendous growth in infrastructure, public spending, migration and employment. Now everything has accelerated. 

Brisbane property investment hotspot


Lifestyle calls as population booms

The capital of the Sunshine State, Brisbane is home to 2.56 million residents. On a steep growth trajectory, Brisbane is projected to house 3.5 million people by 2041. A highly liveable city, routinely ranked as one of the best cities to live in the world, it is no wonder more and more people are moving to Brisbane from interstate in search of affordable housing, tropical climate and a relaxed lifestyle. The city has a multicultural population, with 26% of residents born overseas. Brisbane has a flourishing and diverse culture and food scene with over 6,000 restaurants. The local culture has a strong history in the performing arts, music and sport.

The cherry on top for investors is the 2032 Brisbane Olympics which will inject an estimated $18 billion worth of economic and social benefits into Australia.


Brisbane lookout from Kangaroo Point Cliffs Park
The Gabba - Main Olympic Stadium site
Why Brisbane?
Brisbane is already a highly liveable city, routinely ranked as one of the best cities to live in the world. Winning the 2032 Games will help drive south-east Queensland’s economy for the next decade and help the tourism industry recover from the pandemic.


Stressed southerners are heading north

Brisbane’s population will soon tip over the 2.6 million mark and the Greater Brisbane Area is forecast to grow by around 40% over the next 20 years. A catalyst of this growth is people exiting Sydney and Melbourne because of the lack of housing affordability, traffic congestion and reducing lifestyle value. Population growth is expanding in key South-West focus areas of Logan and Ripley, which sit between the Brisbane and Gold Coast cities, along with new estates North of the city around Caboolture.

The greater Brisbane area in numbers
Children Per Family
Median Age
People Per Household

Greater Brisbane population


Increase in 20 years


Large scale infrastructure and transport connectivity are the future

Public spending on infrastructure in SE Queensland is the highest in Australian history. And with the Olympics, more than $25 billion has been budgeted to be spent before 2031 which means projects already in the city's 30-year plan will be brought forward and accelerated over the next 11 years.  Some other major projects include:

  • The proposed billion-dollar overhaul of the Gabba stadium is set to be the epicentre of Olympic activity.
  • Brisbane International Airport is getting a new runway, due to be completed in 2021.
  • $5.4b Brisbane Cross River Rail, 10km rail-line from Dutton Park to Bowen Hill.
  • Woolloongabba Station Precinct, large precinct masterplan thanks to the broader Cross River Rail project which involves the refurbishment of the Gabba stadium, new linkages and walkways to a mixed-use precinct which surrounds the new station.
  • Brisbane Metro, $1 billion project for high-frequency city busway project.
  • Queens Wharf Precinct, $3.6 billion dollar integrated casino resort and retail centre.
Infrastructure spend
$25 billion

Cross River Rail
$5.4 billion

Caboolture Square Shopping Centre

Caboolture is planning to ensure infrastructure can keep pace with the growth.


West Caboolture

Caboolture West in Moreton Bay has been selected as the pilot site of a planning strategy to ensure infrastructure can keep pace with population growth and housing demand in SE Queensland.

About 3,000 homes will be built in the neighbourhood, eventually growing to 30,000 houses for about 70,000 people.


Brisbane house prices to soar

Brisbane’s housing market has continued to rise, which experts say could fuel a further 10% rise in house prices by the end of 2021, due to tight stock levels and strong demand across all demographics. As of March 2021, the median Brisbane metro house price is $591,000 and with an average capital growth over the last ten years of 3.7% per annum. Affordability is highlighted by the median house price of just $405,000 in key Brisbane areas of Logan Reserve, Holmview and Ripley. Rental yields in these areas have averaged 5.4% over the last ten years.

Rise in House Prices


By the end of 2021

Glass House Mountains
Popular Caboolture rail trail
What makes the Brisbane lifestyle unique?
The region has some gorgeous views to the Glass House Mountains on the “Scenic Rim” of SEQ. And with access to activities like the Caboolture to Wamuran cycling trail, it's no wonder that Brisbane is ranked as one of the best cities to live.


Jobs growth for a young, educated workforce

As of 2016, over one million people in Greater Brisbane are employed, of which 63% work full-time and 35% part-time. The populace is young and skilled, with 42.8% aged 25 to 54; well-educated, with 22% having bachelor degrees; and culturally-diverse, with 18% of Brisbane households speaking a foreign language at home. Thanks to a high level of skilled migration, Brisbane has embraced an international sophistication and inherited an talent pool that displays both depth and breadth. 

Additionally Brisbane 2032 will create tens of thousands of jobs leading into and during the Olympics. Currently the largest employment industries are:

  • Health Care and Social Assistance: 141,121 people (13.1%) Higher than national average
  • Retail Trade: 102,073 people (9.5%)
  • Education and Training: 98,667 (9.2%)

Employment growth from these industries industry will account for the majority of growth in the region over the next 5 years. Additionally, construction jobs are expected to boom to deliver Brisbane’s large infrastructure projects.

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